Connecting to the Projector in the Breakout Rooms


Option 1 (Recommended)

  1. Start the small black Lenovo PC next to the whiteboard and logon using your Passport York.
  2. Start the Solstice program. If you don’t find it in the desktop, you can find the folder Mersive Technologies Inc. in the Windows Start Menu.
  3. Soltice when started will display an IP address in big letters. it will be of the format
  4. Make sure your laptop is connected to the internet and then enter the IP address on your browser address bar.
  5. It will download a small file. Follow the on screen instrucitons and install the file.  Using the program you just installed you can connect to the projector.

Option 2 (alternative option)

Start the PC next to the whiteboard and connect your laptop using a VGA Cable  to the wall jack.

In the EPSON menu switch to VGA as the input.