iPhone & iPad



Setting up EMBA Email Profile

Step 1   Launch web browser on your device and go to Schulich Lotus Notes Traveler home page at www.schulich.yorku.ca/apple.

Alternatively, you can use the QR code below to go to the web address on your device:

QR code for www.schulich.yorku.ca/apple

Step 2  You will be presented with a login prompt

[Noteif you had just changed your password for the Schulich account, you need to wait for at least 15-20 minutes for the password to sync between Web and Mobile accounts and then try this later.]

Log on using your Schulich Account with your full email address as your username

  • Username: <jdoe14@emba.schulich.yorku.ca> (your full email address)
  • Password: <Schulich account password> (Same as what you use for email )

Now you will see the page Generate your Profile for <your name>.

Step 3 Tap on Generate button to generate mail profile.

Step 4  Tap on Install button displayed under Install Profile screen

Step 5  Provide your Schulich Account  password again when you are asked to provide “Exchange password” and tap on Next button to complete the installation.

Step 6  Restart the device.

Go to Mail and you will see a new mail box IBM Notes Traveler for <your email address>.  It might take a minute or so download the messages to your mail box.   You can rename the mailbox under the Settings.