3. Connect to the Internet

AirYorkPLUS is the preferred method of connecting to the wireless network. It is available throughout the campus except for the student residence buildings.

After the initial set up AirYorkPLUS, your credentials are used to automatically connect to the network until you change your passport york password.

AirYorkPLUS uses 802.11 n standard to provide high speed data connection to the network.


Connecting to AirYorkPLUS

Step 1  Choose AirYorkPLUS in the list of wireless networks  and then click Connect.  [Please note: If you are already connected to AirYork, disconnect from it before trying to connect to AirYorkPLUS, otherwise the connection may not succeed.]

Step 2  Now enter passport York username and Password.  You have to do this only the very first time you connect a device to AirYorkPLUS.

Step 3  Please wait for a minute or so for the connection to be completed.

Now the device will automatically connect to AirYorkPLUS.

Wired Network – YorkNet

Wired network connections are available in the hallways, the business library and the classrooms.  You can use Passport York to sign on to the network after hooking up your computer to the red YorkNet jack using an Ethernet cable. More details: http://www.yorku.ca/computing/students/internet/yorknet/index.html  

Residence Network – ResNet (Optional)

Wired network connections are available at campus residences.  In order to connect to the network/Internet you should register your computer with ResNet. You can find more information at the following web address: http://www.yorku.ca/computing/students/internet/resnet/index.html

If you have any questions, please contact Schulich helpdesk at helpdesk@schulich.yorku.ca or 416.736.2100 Ext. 66356. The helpdesk is located at W354 on the third floor.

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