Computer Requirements

Desktop or Laptop Computer

You need a desktop or a Laptop computer that can run Windows and Microsoft Office applications. Any desktop computer or laptop computer bought in the last three years or so should be sufficient for your computing needs.

Buying a Computer

The ideal choice would be a wireless (Wi-Fi) enabled laptop. It will allow you to connect to the wireless network from the classrooms and the common areas throughout the campus. Choose your computer from major brands and get at least two year replacement warranty. Also, make sure all the software is pre-installed and you are provided with the software CDs (if any) and the system recovery CD.

We also recommend buying a laptop that supports Tablet PC features such as pen-based computing. Please visit Microsoft’s website for more information about Tablet PC features.

HP offers special pricing for some of the items on their consumer product lines for Schulich students.

Recommended Software

You need Microsoft Office applications to work on your assignments and presentations.  You might be able to manage with free open source or online alternatives, such as Open Office, Google Docs, etc.

Microsoft Office

You can buy Microsoft Office Professional Edition from Data Integrity, the campus computing store at York Lanes Mall, at a heavily subsidized rate. Alternatively, you can buy Microsoft Office Home & Student Edition from the retail chains such as FutureShop, Staples, etc. Please avoid buying Microsoft Office Basic Edition, because it does not include Microsoft PowerPoint – which is an essential application.


Internet Connectivity

You can access all the services, such as Schulich email, course materials databases, group databases, library resources, etc., remotely over the internet. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to a high speed internet service at home.

If you have any questions, please contact Schulich helpdesk at or 416.736.2100 Ext. 66356. The helpdesk is located at W354 on the third floor.

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