Usage Policies

Official Mode of Communication

The Schulich School of Business treats Lotus Notes email as one of the official modes of communication.  Schulich faculty and staff will send out official notices using Notes email.  You are expected to monitor your email account regularly.

Redirecting your Email to an External Account

You can choose to redirect your email to an external account.  However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the receiving email account is functioning properly.  We cannot guarantee that the redirected mail will reach your external account, since it is beyond our control.  If your forwarding address is non-functional and the forwarded mail bounces back, your forwarding address will be removed by the administrator.

Maintaining Your Account

It is also your responsibility to maintain the size of the disk space used by your account.  Keep your mail file under the 120 MB space allocated to your account by saving attachments to your machine, deleting the old mail, using team databases for group projects, using Schulich email only for Schulich related activities, etc.

Sending Mass Email

The Schulich School of Business prohibits individual students from sending mass emails to groups contained in the Lotus Notes email address book.  The Department of Information Services & Technology, the GBC, and the UBC would like to make it clear that abuse of the system through the use of mass emails is strictly prohibited and anyone sending unauthorized mass emails will be penalized.  Only the executives of the two student organizations, the Graduate Business Council and Undergraduate Business Council, are allowed to send mass emails.  If you have information or questions that you would like to pass on to the general student population please contact the appropriate council and they will forward your request, where appropriate, or direct you to other electronic mechanisms, such as discussion groups, which you can use.

Offensive Content

Sending messages with “offensive” content using your Schulich email account is prohibited.  “Offensive content” includes (but is not limited to) messages that contain profane, vulgar or offensive language, messages that are defamatory of individuals or groups, messages that advocate religious, political or ideological positions, and messages that have a commercial purpose.  Penalties for offensive content will be geared to the specific circumstances, but could include suspension or cancellation of Notes accounts, disciplinary actions under university-wide regulations, and (in extreme cases) actions initiated in the civil or criminal courts.  Common sense should be sufficient to make sure that you have no trouble in this regard.  However, if in doubt, please check with IS&T/UBC/GBC before you send the message.

If you have any questions, please contact Schulich helpdesk at or 416.736.2100 Ext. 66356. The helpdesk is located at W354 on the third floor.

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